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Our Story...


The Formation of Steamhouse!

Nothing beats the combination of dedication, enthusiasm and experience!


Putting a successful band together is a tremendous task. The members of Steamhouse Band experienced a host of both positive and negative life lessons in band development and gigging. Some of our members’ previous bands lasted years, while others were a brief flash in the pan. When we got together to establish Steamhouse, we were determined to incorporate our positive qualities, and learn from our previous negative band experiences, in order to perform at a solid, “knock em’ out” level.

In recruiting musicians for Steamhouse, the type of music, level of commitment, showmanship, and professionalism, were foremost in discussions. This led to meetings over coffee, tryouts, jam sessions and bonding. The result was a group of musicians that fit together like a puzzle.

Steamhouse was formed…..leading to months of intense rehearsals. The band discovered each other’s strengths and limitations, learned the music diligently, and got the music down tight. We initially practiced many of the typical songs played by most bands, but decided to play only some of these songs, in an effort to be unique and more relevant with the times. Song selection was the result of input from the band’s notable age range, backgrounds, and musical tastes.

Part of Steamhouse’s distinction is being a horn band that has adapted several songs that typically do not have a horn section. In addition, we chose several selections that are musically complex, rather than simple, easy to learn tunes. We love playing classic, crowd pleasing tunes, and chart toppers from the 60’s through present times. About one out of three songs rehearsed are chosen and remain on the Steamhouse song list. New songs are added regularly to keep the show fluid and fresh.

It is our goal to make your time with us a memorable, enjoyable, and crowd-pleasing event. We love playing together and providing you with a high quality musical experience. Whether you are seeking a band for a dance, corporate event, wedding, graduation party, or any other purpose, we aim to please and fit your needs.

Welcome to Steamhouse….