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Steamhouse has a wide variety of experience, having played nightclubs, weddings, private events, conventions, and festivals.


Briana Fernandez   Instrument:  Lead Vocals  Musical Background:  Since I was 9 years old I have performed in front of various audiences.  I toured throughout the Midwest for 2 years.  Favorite Food:  Sushi  Favorite Band:  Reba McEntire, Sia, Tony Bennett, Christina Aguilara, and Demi Lovato  Favorite Musical Experience:  Singing in La Crosse, WI Event Center in front of a crowd of over 5,000  Favorite Quote:  Everything and anything from  Parks and Rec  &  The Office.

Paris Primeau
Instrument: Lead Vocals
Musical Background: Paris has been singing in church and songwriting since she was 12 years old. You may have seen her with hot pink hair on American Idol. She was heavily involved in choir and music theater during high school. 
Favorite Food: BACON.
Musical Influenses: Jazmine Sullivan, Tori Kelly, Jessie J, and Beyonce.
Favorite Musical Experience: She loved being in high school choir. 
Favorite Quote: "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."
- Theodore Roosevelt


Peter Metcalf
Instrument: Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals
Musical Background: Since I was 9 years old I have played guitar and sang for cover bands for most of my musical career.  Most notably 100 Watt Jones, Sally Be Nice, Rocking Horse, The Blondes, Opus.
Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Band: Rush, Van Halen, Chicago.
Favorite Musical Experience: Sharing the stage with some of the monsters of rock like A, R. Anderson and Randy Engebritsen.
Favorite Quote: "47% of what you read on the Internet is made up on the spot" - Abraham Lincoln


Don Wiger
Instrument: Valve Trombone
Musical Background: I started trumpet lessons in the fifth grade. In high school was in a local rock band, “Spice of Life.” I keep on playing throughout college until I started graduate school. I have always enjoyed my career, but unfortunately, I put my horn aside for about 30 years. Then, about four years ago, I woke up and decide to get my lip back into shape, so I took lessons. Within a year, I started a band called “SouthSide”, since then I’ve playing with bands regularly, and enjoy it immensely.
Favorite Food: Beef Stew (Sounds kind of boring, but it sure tastes good!)
Favorite Bands/Singers: Chicago, Stones, Aretha Franklin, Credence, Stevie Wonder
Favorite Quote: “You only go around once….so seize the day.” 

Tim Profile

Tim Killam
Instrument: Trumpet/vocals
Musical background: I started playing in 7th grade
After college I got to travel on the road playing trumpet for the circus.
Some of my fun bands I've played with were: West side, River city express, the connection, Brio brass, River cityjazz orchestra, Paula Lammers and cloud nine jazz, Bloomington symphony.
Favorite food place: Gino's east (Chicago)
Favorite bands:  Chicago/tower of power/Earth wind and fire
Favorite quote: The trumpets creed:  Higher-faster-louder


Kevin Mills
Instrument: Saxophone
Musical Background: I have an MA in Music Education, and do my best to make a living as a music educator, drummer, saxophonist, guitarist/vocalist, writer/arranger, and big band leader. 
Favorite Musicians: Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, Dave Weckl, John Coltrane, Michael Brecker, Eric Alexander, Gordon Goodwin
Favorite Quote: "Didn't our hearts burn within us as He talked with us on the road...?"


Jordan Hays
Instrument: Drums & Vocals
Musical background: BA in Music Performance from North Central University, years of experience playing in jazz bands, combos, cover bands, and playing/writing in multiple various genres. Nominated for Washington All State Marching Band, participated in Tahoma HS Drumline - helped take state competitions, THS Marching band, THS Jazz band. Competed in Solo Ensemble competition in all four percussion categories, and placed in each one. In band since third grade, been pursuing drums passionately for over nine years.
Favorite food: Cheese enchiladas with rice and beans
Favorite drummers: Thomas Haake, Mike Portnoy, Mike Mangini, Danny Carey, Chris Adler, Virgil Donati, Gavin Harrison, Larnell Lewis, Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, Dave Weckl
Favorite Quote: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" - Isaac Newton

Vern Mooney
Keyboards, Sax, & Vocals
Musical background: Took piano lessons on and off beginning at age 9. Was in the Schubert Club in my youth, was a music major with emphasis on performance at the University of Minnesota, then dropped out to get an education. Played in bands such as The Whitesidewalls, Shadow, and The Classics, attaining proficiency in performing musical styles such as classical, rock, jazz, r & b, and motown.
Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite bands/musicians/composers: Beethoven, Debussy, Ravel, Gershwin,  Monk, Hancock, Corea, Kurt Wakeman, some Beatles,  Blood Sweat and Tears, Yes, Edgar Winter, some Super Tramp, some Doobies, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Kansas, Earth Wind & Fire
Favorite quote: "A society where people aren't able (or willing) to share their opinions openly and gain from understanding alternative perspectives is a polarized society"

Matt Jorizzo

Matt Jorizzo
Instrument: Bass Guitar
Musical Background: BA in Music from Carleton College, focusing in musicology, jazz, and soul music; experience performing various styles including jazz, rock, R&B, funk, and country; songwriter/performer in a number of local rock groups
Favorite Food: Pasta
Musical influences: Neil Young, Mark Knopfler, the Meters, Booker T and the MGs, Pino Palladino, James Jamerson, Stanley Clarke, McCoy Tyner, Brian Blade
Favorite Musical Experience: Whatever I am currently playing
Favorite Quote: "He who laughs the most learns best." -John Cleese